Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greece - TINOS Island

We were on vacation in the Greece's islands.
We were completely clueless about reading/hearing the Grec.
We can just identify the mathematic symbols in ther langage.

So we contented ourselves with our basic english of tourist :
- were is the beach ?
- were is the best popular restaurant ?
- were is the best view ?
- were is the best bakery ?
- were is the best place ?
- can we have a local beer/wine ?
- ...

A song was radio broadcasted. It has a summer atmospheric melody.
I asked a little girl by there.
And she gave me the title of the song: "Summer Wine" !

Shalala Air Service is happy to share with you this song.
Captain TRAN

Our initial contact with a Greece islands is TINOS.
We discovered the Greece island nature :
- dry
- and rocky land
- with beautiful small beaches
- and picturesque small villages.

( then click on Diaporama and F11 for fullscreen )

( then click on Diaporama and F11 for fullscreen )