Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gallery of Fedralita

Gallery of beautiful and kindly graphics of Phaedra Richter (Fedralita) :

Artist Phaedra Richter (Fedralita)
playing a rather melancholy and inquiring character
in contrast with her graphics.

  ( I hope )

( I play )

( Beyond words )

Spotligths on latest Graphics of Fedralita  :


  1. Phaedra richter rulez!!!

  2. Hello Pheadra (lita) !

    If you wish another musical arrangement, please let me know !

    Your drawings are very joyful, refreshing, voluptous, wholehearted and beautifully colored.
    They are very very high quality class !

    You are very talented,
    having a child heart and soul !

    Congratulations !

    (if the connection to the blog is hard, key F5 to refresh )

  3. About the word "rulez!" of Pheadra.

    By Google, I find this :
    RuleZ: "qui règne sur un logiciel ou un site"

    " En fait ca vient d'une expression anglaise,
    par exemple : "HFR rules" cela veux dire
    "HFR fait la loi",
    "HFR pose ses regles",
    "HFR maitrise" ou encore
    "HFR is the best"
    Ensuite djeunisé en "HFR rulez"
    Puis utilisé comme simple expression : "rulez !"

    "Il n'y avait aucune idée de "coolitude" () a la base...
    mais c'est vrai que bcp de gens l'utilisent ds ce sens maintenant."

    So by extension Rulez could be :
    - the best ( Pheadra is the best )
    - more used now for meaning a cool posture
    ( Pheadra adopts a cool pose.
    Pheadra a cool attitude )

    In another way, I could say
    Pheadra is very young mind with her drawings,
    And she is very cool with herself !

    Of course, a psychologist don't need Google
    help. He simply says :
    Pheadra is very Fedralita when she draws.
    And she is very Pheadra with herself.

    He adds :
    She is richly Fedralita
    And she is richly Pheadra

    ( How I love to get the understanding of a psychologist !
    He can understands all the emotions, all the feelings, all the thinkings...
    And about you. What is your dream of beeing ? )

    Captain TRAN

  4. thank you so much!!!
    you have no idea what that means to me :)

    love you all :)

  5. Hello Phaedra,

    Yes ! I'm a Fedralita fan !
    And Phaedra is not miles away from Fedralita !

    Captain TRAN

  6. les chansons sont tres belles

  7. Merci Marcelle !
    Question musicale, je crois qu'on est sur la même longueur d'ondes ! On est un peu vieux jeux. On aime les mélodies que les moins de 20 ans ne peuvent pas apprécier :)
    Et inversément, on ne comprend pas toujours non plus la musique des jeunes !
    Content donc que ça te plait.


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