Monday, August 23, 2010

My Wind

Saint Esprit souffle sur moi...
Souffle au plus profond de mon être...
Ranime la flamme dans mon coeur...

I am going to Brazil for my holidays for one month.
If you don't hear from me within two months,
that meant simply that I'm going in my eternity life 
with Jesus, my perfect Saviour.

I hope that you had a great summer !
Captain TRAN

Brazil a dream or a nightmare ?

I am going to Brazil for my holidays for one month starting next week and
I've received warnings from many people :
- dangerous place
- risk of theft
- risk of attack
- risk of kidnapping
- risk of being shot dead

Instead of fear, 
some other people are very enthusiastic about Brazil.

So mixed feelings about Brazil...:)

Brazil is like ... a temptation 
to go or to resist ?

I feel that She wants to charm me, 
and me for her ?

She wants to charm me,
And there's a madness to stay wise ! 
I've only one desire : 
-to follow the temptation...
-to follow the beat ...

She has a call of lighthearted misdemeanors ?
Am I a so beautiful victim for Her ?
And the crime is so happy for Her ?
Is it beautiful when it's ugly ?.

Even if the matter is not safe, 
don't run away, don't worry ... 
Charm her without delay ...
( I try to say to myself ... )

Brazil is a runaway ticket ?
And I am like a condemned person ...
And I am like a kamikaze ...

For Her,
Am I a legionnaire that wants the benefits of travel without enlisting ?
Should I fall in love with Her forever...
May be ! Yes, May be !!! Who knows ?

ShalalaAir Passengers, 
Now, you all understand that your Captain 
is neither courageous nor daring.
And he is not even careful :
He did not make his will !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fedralita : When Fedra dreams of Lita.

Graphic of Fedralita in :

Bob DYLAN had a brainwave with this beautiful painting of Fedralita...
And while he was listening ShalalaAir Music,...
Bob, what could you say if ...

If you are a professional dreamer ...
           Bob: " I'll let you be in my dreams,
                      If I can be yours "

If you are a persevering pessimistic  ...
          Bob: " I'll stand on the ocean
                    Until I start sinking "

If you are a ShalalaAir follower ...
          Bob: "ShalalaAir Music is like a dream
                   that you try to fulfil it "

Thank you Bob !

Short Play 
with a song of Dalida

Long Play. 
Carla Bruni of the French President sings for Fedralita.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Greece - SANTORINI Island

Some statements about Santorini :

"There are not enough words to describe the beauty of Santorini.
The beautiful images of the island, the sunsets, and the beaches evoke such a powerfully aesthetic experience that say so much more.
Santorini is an unforgettable experience."

"Poets have written about the island, artists attempt to capture its beauty.
Nothing can compare with the beauty... of Santorini. "

"From our first glimpse of Santorini we knew all we had heard wasn't just hype.
It is one of the most dramatically beautiful places I have ever seen in my life."

"While there are better bets for an authentic Greek island experience
there are few places on earth with the physical beauty of Santorini."

"mesmerized by the natural beauty of Santorini's"

"Santorini...the Goddess of beauty"

"For the avid photographer, there is no place like Santorini.
It is the Mecca of outdoor photography."

So ... how poor are my pictures here 
for telling that Santorini is dazzlingly beautiful ! :

( Key F11 for wide screen )

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fedralita : I'll be there.

Graphic of Fedralita in :

Fantastic painting !
Like a colored joked dream.
With tutti frutti fantasy.
A drop from the catwalk.
A fall from the Golden Gate a sunny Sunday.
Unless a fall from the garden of Eden.

I'll be there for you.

If you ever see the end of the world.
I'll be there for you.
Flying to the edge of the moon.
I'll fly away with you.

Stumbing in a sea of fortune.
I'll be there for you.
Lose your mind on the way.
I'll be the dawn of day

When the sand hits your eyes
And it feels like you are blind.
I'll be there for you.
If you think that you you've died.
Walk into the light.
I'll be there for you.
Don't worry 'bout a thing.
I'm on your side.

This season's gonna end.
I'll be all right.
Hold to the words I said.
I'm on your side.
Hold to the words I said.
I'll be all right.

Walking home on the sidewalk.
I'll be there for you.
Catching the train to the city
I'll find my way to you.

When the flowers are gone
And you are standing alone.
I'll be there for you.
When the harvest is ripe
And you work on throught the night.
I'll be there for you.

If they crush down your door
and lay you down on the floor.
I'll be there for you.

When the hard work is done
And the battle is won.
I'll be there for you.

Music: Red Rain
Lyrics: Michael Turner

You can see Michael singing with his the band at :

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carlita First-Lady

He loves her a lot.
He calls her "Carlita".

They don't have a marriage of convenience.
They really marry for love.

It looks like a mixing of
talent and beauty
intelligence et charm 
prestige and glamour
 speech and seduction
political and fashion
Jackie and Kennedy
What else ?

My wife vote for Sarkozy.
And I vote for Carla !
I like Carla as singer.
I like her soft smoker's voice.
For me, she is not a singer-like.
Carla is really a singer.
She has an intimacy, melancholy 
and tenderly incorrect style.

I like a lot some songs of her.

Love is an ambush ...

L'amour, hum hum, pas pour moi,
Tous ces "toujours",
C'est pas net, ça joue des tours,
Ca s'approche sans se montrer,
Comme un traître de velours,
Ca me blesse, ou me lasse, selon les jours

L'amour, hum hum, ça ne vaut rien,
Ça m'inquiète de tout,
Et ça se déguise en doux,
Quand ça gronde, quand ça me mord,
Alors oui, c'est pire que tout,
Car j'en veux, hum hum, plus encore,

Pourquoi faire ce tas de plaisirs, de frissons, de caresses, de pauvres promesses ?
A quoi bon se laisser reprendre
Le coeur en chamade,
Ne rien y comprendre,
C'est une embuscade,

L'amour ça ne va pas,
C'est pas du Saint Laurent,
Ca ne tombe pas parfaitement,
Si je ne trouve pas mon style ce n'est pas faute d'essayer,
Et l'amour j'laisse tomber !

A quoi bon ce tas de plaisirs, de frissons, de caresses, de pauvres promesses ?
Pourquoi faire se laisser reprendre,
Le coeur en chamade,
Ne rien y comprendre,
C'est une embuscade,

L'amour, hum hum, j'en veux pas
J'préfère de temps de temps
Je préfère le goût du vent
Le goût étrange et doux de la peau de mes amants,
Mais l'amour, hum hum, pas vraiment !