Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tunisia My Emotion

My family meeting in Tunisia ended in failure ! 
Because of the active state of the Islandic volcano. 

I expected meeting my six cousins coming from USA. 
But their plane can't take off. 
I expected two cousins coming from Australia. 
But their plane was stopped in Malaysia. 
For my family and me, we got the plane but only just,
( the  Nice  Airport was closed in the afternoon ... )


I have a smile stretched from ear to ear
See you walking to me
Tunisia my love ...

I go from disappointment to disappointment 
see you smoking and smoking ...


Once again, my new camera was pinched 
by my daugnter Sephora for her trip in Spain with her classroom...

The pictures in the diaporama below are shot by me
but the camera is not mine.
I see now that there's something wrong in the pictures.
They are not sharpness as they should be.
So have some distance to watch the pictures.

The Tunisia landscape is not breathtaking.
It's rather a flat country.
Generally you go to Tunisia just for relaxing
and to enjoy the hotels, the beaches and the food.

Also, my pictures are not very typical of the Tunisia
of the beaches and desert regions.
I have a rather special trip in the North.
So my Tunisia is not very beautiful
but ...
as a song says :
"It's stupid.
She is not really beautiful.
But ... yet, better than that,
She is fit for me !"

She whispers sweet things to me with her food....
She deals gently with me with her sun.
She is sweetness for my heart like a a mellow date...
Tunisia my love,
You are my song forever,
You are my emotion,
Call me anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anyway, anyday or night
Call me with love
You are my summer romance

Diaporama :
( while watching, Key F11 for fullscreen )

If you don't have YouTube in your country,
try the Tilidom Reader below.
But sometimes it's also not OK.

P.S. : 
I have now a FaceBook account.
MoiJaime LesChansons (InLove WithSongs)
It just makes a link
to some posts of ShalalaAir Blog
and also to some YouTube....
So when you go to my account, just click on the Menu "Link"


  1. Dear Tran,
    I am so sorry that your trip this time was not everything you expected. But when speaking about Tunisia you make sweet poetry.
    I am waiting for you on the Café.com you can write in French or English no excuses for your absence over there =)
    See you soon!

  2. je n ai pas besoin de prendre l avion pour voyager très jolies photos

  3. Captain!!!
    Tu est venu me rendre visite!!! Sacré Tran, je me suis écroulée de rire de ton post, ça a valu la peine de t'attendre =)
    Ta comprehension du portugais via google est superbe, j'ai beaucoup aimé parce que soudain je suis devenue une star de cinema! =)
    Pas mal du tout!
    Mais par contre polariseurs c'est pas une marque de lunettes, il faut pas éxagerér: ça veut dire que les vedettes du cinema politiquement corrects ont decide cette annee sous l'égide du festival d'inviter les pingouins de l'antartique et leur compatriotes de l'espace des divers environments du biodome de Montreal pour une rencontre d'harmonie convergente multiculturelle a fin de relancer les bienfaits de l'immigration illimitee et de nous rappeler que nous vivons dans un petit village global.... Tu vois,moi aussi, j'ai besoin de l'aide de Jean-Louis pour comprendre les choses un peu plus clairement =)
    Gros bisouus

  4. Mirian
    Je ne fais que dire une évidence sur toi.
    Tu as toujours été une star du Brésil !
    Ton Blog a reçu de très nombreuses récompenses.

    Quant à moi, si seulement je pouvais avoir 10% de l'érudition et de la profondeur de Jean-Louis, je serais un homme très heureux.

    Hélas !
    Regarde ... mon Blog chante comme une cigale sans lendemain.
    Tandis que le Blog de Jean-Louis professe des paroles d'or...

    Oui hélas,
    il y a des tortues
    et il y a des aigles ...

    Bonne journée brésilienne !


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