Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011 : Be a winner !

My gun called justice. I don't love you no more, with love !

"Ben Hadad the king of Syria gathered all his army together;
 and there were thirty-two kings with him, and horses and chariots:
 and he went up and besieged Samaria, and fought against it.
 He sent messengers to Ahab king of Israel, into the city, and said to him,
 "Thus says Ben Hadad,
 'Your silver and your gold is mine.
  Your wives also and your children,
  even the best, are mine.'"

In this present life, even in 2011, the wars against you are always not very far !.
Wars :
- against you
- against your family
- against your friends
- against your health, your mental, ...
- against your jobs, your funds, your moneys, ..
- against your plans, schedules, ...
- against your feelings, loves, dreams, ...
- ...
And sometime, the fighting is not fair and very unequal.
And most of time, you are alone, face to face the enemy/ies.

For 2011, ShalalaAir wish that you could win all your battles !

For 2011, Captain TRAN wish the best for you by quoting 3John/1 :
"Beloved, I wish that you may prosper in all things and be healthy"

For 2011,TRAN, as a believer in JC, wish the best for you by quoting 3John/1:
"Beloved, I wish that you may prosper in all things and be healthy,
 even as your soul prospers."

In final position, the most precious of you is simply yourself !
I.E. your soul.
Luke 12/23        "Life is more than food"
Matthew 16/26  "For what profit has a man,
                           if he gets all the world with the loss of his life ?"
God don't look what you have.
God looks what you are.
He looks your soul and worries about your eternal life.

So, for this NEW YEAR, I wish that :
- you can take care of your possessions
- and also take care of your soul.
- be a winner !

( if I could, I'll translate my post about Noël and the love of God for
  our soul. My English is so poor ... )


  1. Eu não falo Inglês ou Francês muito bem, mas faço o meu melhor para superar minhas dificuldades com comunicação.
    Eu amo a língua francesa e espanhola, porque elas têm um som bonito, romântico e quente.
    Apesar de minhas dificuldades, eu gostaria de segui-lo.
    eu não entendi muito bem o tema do seu blog ainda, mas apesar da minha deficiência, seria bom para segui-lo. Eu acredito que posso aprender muito com você.
    Você gostaria de me ajudar?
    Se você quiser me ajudar, pode começar me corrigindo, ok? lol
    Beijos e meu carinho.
    Seguindo ...

    I d'ont speak English or French very well, but I do my best to get over my difficulties about comunication.
    I love french and spanish language because they have a beautiful sound, romantic and hot.
    Despite my difficulties, I would love to follow you.
    I d'ont understand very well the theme of your blog yet, but despite my handicap, It would be nice to follow you. I believe I can to learn too much with you.
    Would you help me?
    If you want help me, you can start correcting me, ok? lol
    Kisses and my affection.

  2. Ah! Desejo-lhe um feliz Ano Novo e que as bençãos de Deus estejam sobre vc e sua família.

    Ah! I wish you a happy New Year and blessings of God be upon you and your family.



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