Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fedralita : Should feel sad, but ...

Graphics and Photos of Fedralita at :

Nice painting ! Nice colors. Nice decorations. Nice interior design.
But there's a storm brewing in the family ....
This is the charm of this painting !
Very atractive painting Fedralita ! Congratulation !

Now ...
Are you for the teeanager ?
Are you for the parents ?
I suppose that I have also ask you :
"How old are you ?" to try to understand your answer :)
Sometimes parents have to play the super tramp to face their teenager ...
Deep sigh ... 
...Until the teenager becomes herself parent ... one day ...

It doesn't matter what I say
You never listen anyway
Just don't know what you're looking for
Imagination's all I have
But ever then you say it's bad
Just can't see why we disagree

Casual conversations how they bore me
They go on and on endlessly
But no matter what I say
You ignore me anyway
I might as well talk in my sleep (I could weep)

You try to make me feel so small
Until there's nothing left at all
Why go on? Just hoping that we'll get along

There's no communication left between us
But is it me or you who's to blame?
There's nothing I can do, yes you're fading out of view
Don't know if I feel joy or pain

And now it's all been said
If you must leave then go ahead
Should feel sad
But I really believe that I'm glad
Yes I really believe that I'm glad


  1. Jean-Louis & Mirian,
    Je viens d'apprendre par Caroline votre décision.
    Les paroles de cette chanson me font penser à vous avec la maison Margarida...

    "L'Eternel est juste dans toutes ses voies et bon dans toutes ses oeuvres". Ne soyez pas trop tristes. Dieu n'a pas oublié ce qu'il est lui même et comment il est envers vous.

    Je vous embrasse.
    Affections !
    Nessy of Pantagonia

  2. Hey old friend
    Has Nessy digested your flowers or were they lollypops?
    I enjoy his first post, music and ambience and realities of parental life.
    How is Pantagonie?
    Or is it Parent-Agonie?
    Thanks for your nice wishes and encouragement.
    Alors,à bientôt.
    Bisous à tous. Hug Nesse's longneck for me.
    Passe me voir sur mon blog, j'ai de nouveaux affichages.
    Je vais passer celui sur Ortega et Gasset en français bientôt.

  3. Excellent jeux de mot Jean-Louis pour Parent Agonie. Et aussi Parent Antagonie !
    ( en ce moment mon Routeur est cassé, j'ai des problèmes Internet ... )
    A bientôt à Indaïatuba !


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