Monday, May 4, 2009

If the sun knows

If the sun knows where we go, he would come with us !


  1. May I guess the singer is Christophe? Seems similar voice to Christophe.
    Love the voice although don't know the meaning of song.
    Very good, Mr Quoc. Hope some more
    From dutchflyer

  2. Hello DutchFlyer !
    The singer is Florent PAGNY.
    Usually he has a very powerful voice.
    For that, sometime he sang with the famous italian tenor PAVAROTTI.
    He is french but he lives in Patagonia ( south Argentina ). This song is an invitation to travel to a happy destination.
    Glad that this song enjoys you !
    Hello to VN !

  3. j'aime bien cette chanson am


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