Monday, May 11, 2009

Stand by you !

For our last trip in November in VietNam,
Special thanks for :
-Minh for your shepheard's mind and heart. 
 And also your great contribution for the meals and also for the beers !
-Dung for her constant kindness.
-Dzung&Yen for your hospitality, your simplicity, and yours home meals.
-NhatMinh for sharing your PC.
-Hao&Trinh for your efficient helps. 
 Always feel safe with you !.
-Huê for yours conversations.
-BichKieu for the very good barbecue with sea shells.
-BichTieu for your happiness and lightness
-Lowues (??? sorry for the spelling) for being my sister in Jesus-Christ.
-Michelle for your curiosity in any things.
-Allan&David for being Americans with your courtesy and kindness.
-Chi Ly & Sherine for my vacation in Tunisia and for travelling with me !
-the presence of Chi Anh that remember my childhood in VN.
-Chou a very kind Marine's.
-(not present in the photos) my whole family, in my father branch, that is soo friendly for me.

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