Monday, May 25, 2009

My mother a top model

                                         ( click on the photo to maximize )

Neither my mother is a fashion top model nor my father a photographer. But sometimes they are !


  1. Hi Tran,
    How are you doing?
    That is an amazing picture! Really beautiful!

    Come to visit my blog and tell me what you think ok?

    Take care!

  2. Hello Mirian,
    As you see I'm TOO heartedly with my blog !
    As I start, I try to do as well as you with yours 7 blogs !
    Somethings remain mysterious for me in the Blog World ( RSS, Feeder, ... )
    Regularly I visite your special music blog "Best Music Bar None"
    I think, as I've no photo about me, I was throwed out from yours blogs when signing in.
    For yours other blogs, Anne-Marie calls me and translate yours post.
    She says that I should add some Bible words into my blog.
    I don't really have a thinking about it.
    I see that you also have a blog named "Tempos con Deus".
    May be I could get some ideas from there.

    Bonjour à Jean Louis,
    Nous avons pensé, pour nos vacances de cette année, venir éventuellement aux USA et vous voir aussi.
    Mais finalement, AnneMarie préfère reporter pour un voyage au Brésil ( ou aux Commores ! ) quand vous serez en
    voyage ou en résidents là-bas. A moins que vous veniez faire un tour en France un de ces jours.
    Bon été à tous les deux.

  3. You are doing a great job around here!
    I really enjoy that idea of old photos and nice music! Great blend!

    Bon été à vous aussi!


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