Saturday, January 23, 2010

Captain TRAN a champion

I'm on a diet, or a die :),  with a very limiting food :
only vegetable and fruits for food !

No bread, no pastry.
No fish, no flesh.
No oil, no butter, no fat, ...
No cake, no biscuit, no smoothie, no patisserie, ...
No chocolate, no coffee, ...
No beer, no wine, no aperitif, ...
No salt, no pepper, no spice, ...

Just vegetables and fruits for food without even salt add.
You can't imagine how the lack of salt is very very very hard !

This morning I went food shopping.
So hard time to see all these aperitifs and patisserie and owens and roasts ...

But I'm near, very near the end.
After 3 weeks on diet, tomorrow will be THE END !!!
WOW !!!
No doubt I'm a champion !

See what I've bought this morning !

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