Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If the plane is going to crash.

If the plane to Tunisia is going to crash,
,may be, I'm a little bit loss for you ...
let's say for 0 to 10 seconds ...

If it happens, below are some pics for souvenir of me ...


Personally, I do not care the crash and the death.
JC is my so perfect Savior !

The death sentence to me as sinner, and for all my sins, is coming over JC.
All my sins in my life are under the cover of the so precious offering of JC himself, as a expiatory sacrifice for me before God.
He died for me. I'm no more in the genealogy of Adam, the sinner !
JC was raisen by God for a new man, a new life, a new creation.
I'm now in the new life with JC, my so wonderful and so beautiful Savior.

I'm far being perfect in my life.
But what a delight to be justified and saved by all the justification of JC and not mine !

(Jn1/17) " For the Law was given through Moses;( But the ) grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ"
(Ep2/8) " For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God;"

(Jn11/25) "I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die"

(Ps23 ) "The LORD is my shepherd, ...
Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life, 
And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever".


Now, the original Supertramp had their lastest album titled "Famous Last Word".
I would like also to have some words to my Shalala Air Passengers.

This is my 101th post! Incredible !
As Captain, I wish you to enjoy all my 100 posts :)


As believer, I say that
in many fields you can be childish and fun.
about our sins,
about our state of sinner,
in front of Satan,
in front of God,
in the face of eternity,
in the face of death,
you MUST be an adult.
And not to be out of ignorance.

Your inside life, your soul, is so immensely and incommensurably precious for God.
A James Bond film was titled "A world is not enough"...
For God, whole the world is nothing compared to you !.
God so loves you that he don't refuse to give JC 
( ie like himself. See my previous post "JC & you" )
for becoming a man who carries us and saves us from Adam, Satan and our sins.

For the love of yourself,
and to respond to the love of God for you,
PLEASE grip the works of JC for you.

Read the Gospel.
Give yourself a time enough to understand the simple things.
God's word will reach your spirit and soul, your feeling and reason (Heb4/12).
No one can trust in God and can capture him if himself don't come and convince you. 
And then made your choice. 

Tite 2/14 "..our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, gave Himself for us".

I'm ShalalaAir OFF for 3 weeks !
( For 3 weeks, I become just a passenger and not a Captain )


  1. Bon voyage! A bientot. Amuses-toi bien.

  2. Merci Jean-Louis !
    Il se semble aussi que quelque chose se trame pour Septembre ... :)
    Sinon, je viens de découvrir par hasard hier, que tu as aussi un blog chrétien !
    Bonne journée à Myrian et à Anna.

  3. You are a cool Dude!
    Bon voyage!!!

  4. Thank you !
    Yes, I'm exceptionally happy for my eternity.
    In my widest dreams, I never think that one day God comes to me ...
    But it's really true, for my life, as it is true for million of Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatical, ...
    I'm under his spell.
    My God is so wonderful and beautiful !
    Thank you for le "bon voyage".
    Bonne journée à vous !
    Captain TRAN

  5. Passe de Bonnes Vacances, Les photos m'ont rire merci


  6. Dis donc ....Captain Tran .....
    tu crois que ta coupe de cheveux ....est réglementaire ???
    même sur SHA LA LA AIR


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