Monday, June 21, 2010

BichTieu: Hello from Amsterdam

Hello everyone,

My flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis was cancelled because the plane from the US did not arrive. They did not know why. All the planes to the US are full. We have to take the first flight available on the next morning. I hope there won't be any delaying. We are now staying in the Schifol Hotel A4. We feel very bad because it is very windy, cold and wet here. We did not have enough clothes to keep us warm, so we did not take a boat tour here...The meals at the hotel are really good but not as good as the family meals that we have had in Nice and Valdeblore. Really!
Auntie, cousins and nephew and niece must have been really tired after all. I am very blessed to have  you in my life. Thank you very much!

Will talk to you again.

Love and Kiss

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