Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fedralita :3 Single Girls

Graphic of Fedralita in :

I would like to portray 3 single girls of Fedralita.
May be you would like to be in relationship with one of them ...

The first is very easy to live with.
You will like her unpretentiousness mind.
She is very brave.
she's not afraid of hard work.
You'll enjoy to give her presents.
You'll love her a lot because she don't go to war with you.
She is humble and she has a lot of patience with you.
If simplicity is your joy, she is the right person !

The second is a seductress.
She dresses sexy.
It's her way to say to you :
"Love me !", "I need love !",  "Please, love me", "I need your love".
So if you are a person that has a lot of love to give.
She will be happy to wellcome you.

The third girl is an intellectual and she is strict.
She don't like mediocrity.
You have to match up to her, 
You have to be up to your responsabilities.
You have to live up to her expectation.
You have to be equal to the circumstances.
If you are from a high society, may be she could notice you.
If you are a poet or a dreamer, theoretically, you have no chance.
But you know ... sometimes, people look for what they are not able to be ...
So finally you have your chance ... for a while.

Why do you just give half of your heart ?

Tell me everything is ok,   
Tell me everything is possible
Listen to your heart and you'll understand, 
All you need is love (to love).

I'll not leave you, 
we're together like a stereo-beat !
I don't want to lose you 
when I hear "I"ll never come back"

All the world is at my feet, 
but I need only you !
Listen to me, 
I will be able forgive everything
I just need to love

( Special thanks to Evelyna for the translation ! )


  1. Phaedra & Lita,
    Can't control the playing time of the header page of the video.
    Sorry !

  2. trop genial et trop vrai ces 3 profils !

    sacré TRAN

    sa femmme ( je suis dans la catégorie 3 100% ) FOR ever with him !

  3. The video is cool :) thnx again :)
    have a nice summer :)

  4. Hello Phaedra !
    You too have a nice summer hollidays !
    Octopuses of Syros are waiting you !

    Hello Lita !
    Have a nice summer having your paintings smelled of sea, sun, fruits and summer colors !



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