Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fedralita : Strawberry plants have died.

Graphics and Photos of Fedralita in :

Fedralita seems very preoccupied :
Strawberry plants have died.
No more cherry-reds since August.
Brussels sprouts can't go past December.
Autumn is coming, 
The leaves will turn yellow ...

Parla con me, tu dimmi che cosa c'è 
io ti risponderò, 
se vuoi guarire però 
prova un po' a innamorarti di te. 
Parla con me ...

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  1. Phaedra & Lita,
    There are 3 other videos left ( all already uploaded ).
    Except one ( with old graphics ), they are just the remakes.
    It sounds like THE END of the video time... :)

    Phaedra & Lita,
    Of course it was a nonsense that I tried to make some artistic videos on your paintings...
    Its should not be shown to you, you who is a master of graphic.
    And certainly, sometime, you had the greatest difficulty in watching some videos...
    Shame on me :)
    But, like a child, I played ...
    And as ShalalaAir Captain, I played to play Fedralita Air ...
    And I really enjoyed to feat your fantastic paintings !

    Thank you, you two, to be a silent victim for years ( one ! ).
    Please keep only what was a good time for you.
    And have now a clear day, a fine weather, a good planting season.

    Your fan !
    Captain TRAN


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